Services Overview

Timber focuses in serving freelance professional's tax needs. Each offering begins with a Basic Tax Filing, and additional services are added based on your unique situation. We'll make sure you get what you need to stay compliant, and this will help you understand what we're doing for you and why. There are three ways to pay your bill.


Basic Tax Service | $1,000

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Basic Tax Filing

The Basic Tax Filing includes preparation of a Federal 1040, a Schedule C, and one individual State income tax return. Basic Tax Filing also includes basic tax planning, safe-harbor estimates for quarterly income tax payments, and general tax advice.

If you live in multiple states, moved, are an avid investor, or would like detailed counsel regarding the tax implications of a decision, you may need to purchase our Multi-State Tax Compliance in addition to The Basic Tax Filing. Generally, if you are an individual or couple and and haven’t moved, The Basic Tax Filing should suit your needs.


Extensions | $250

Extension Filing

Are you unable to gather the necessary documents in time for April 18th? Maybe you just prefer to wait until summertime to get everything squared away. Filing an extension is inexpensive, prudent, and common. It does not increase your chances of being audited.

Filing a Federal and, if applicable, State extension will allow you an additional six months to file your tax returns. Note that this does not grant you an extension of time to pay your taxes, only file. Extension Filings includes the calculation of your 2016 projected federal and state tax liability, electronic filing, and electronic withdrawal for any payments due to the IRS or any state authority that allows for electronic payment. You can be assured that any tax liability paid will be applied to your tax filings which will be due October 16, 2017. 



Multi-State Tax Compliance | $250 (1 included)

Did you move this year, or do you live in multiple states? You’ll need to be sure you’re getting credit for taxes paid in each. Ensuring your Federal 1040 is complete and accurate is the first step, and keeping current with each state is critical as well. Multi-State Tax Compliance can easily be the most complex part of a tax return. Let’s make sure it’s taken care of properly. This is in addition to the Basic Tax Filing.


Quarterly Estimates | $250

Need help calculating your quarterly federal or state income tax payments? Unlike employees, self employed freelancers have to take into account changes in their financial picture to ensure they are paying the proper amount of tax each quarter to avoid penalties and interest. There's no payroll clerk at your office! 


Other Services

One-Off Call | $200

Do you have a question or situation you'd like to talk through? Considering incorporating or expanding your business? Large windfalls or major purchases coming up? If you'd like a professional's opinion, we can help you. This includes a pre-call questionnaire and diligent follow up to on the issue. The call will be one hour and may be purchased in half hour increments as well.

Monthly Retainer | $100 – $500 per month

Would you like to have us handle some recurring accounting issues for you? Maybe you'd like us to be available as an advisor each month. This is a great option to be able to stay on top of your planning, compliance, and questions.