Bookkeeping & Taxes for Photographers

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The problem

You're a freelance photographer. Wedding, portrait, boudoir, or maybe landscape. You love taking photos and helping people connect with special moments. You're also making money, but now you have to pay your taxes.

Where do you start?

There's federal income tax, maybe state income tax or other gross receipts (B&O in Washington), and don't forget sales tax. With all these taxes, when are you supposed to take photos? How do you know how much to set aside, pay, and plan for?

There's help

That's where Timber Tax comes in. We work with photographers like you to help you stay on top of your taxes. From bookkeeping to federal income tax filing, we're here to help. Whether you need a complete setup from scratch, help setting up an LLC, or advice on making a purchase, we can help. Timber Tax specializes in helping freelance photographers stay compliant and stay focused.

Book a call

If you need help with sales tax, income tax, or bookkeeping, book a free call with a CPA now. We're here to make sure this is taken care of so you don't have to worry about how much to set aside or add to an invoice.