How We Work in 7 Steps


Timber was built on sustainability as one of its founding principles. Timber understands the importance of being environmentally conscious, friendly, responsible, and efficient. Your experience with us, from onboarding to when you receive your refund or pay your balance due, will be fully digital for simplicity, security, and to save you time.


Step 1: Onboarding questionnaire

Just like an individual’s fingerprint, no two tax returns are ever the same. Timber understands that each individual’s tax needs are different and complex. In order for us to better assess your current tax situation:

Fill out our onboarding questionnaire and upload your prior year return (uploading is preferred but not required). The questionnaire will only take a few minutes of your time. You will be providing us with your name, filing status, and your main source of income.

Step 2: Schedule a call with Timber

You will be directed to schedule a call for a Timber Introduction! By the time of the call, Timber would have reviewed your questionnaire (and prior year return, if provided) and assess if we are a good fit. During the call, we will discuss your situation, what your needs are, and how we can help. You will receive your quote and you can take your time to decide if you'd like to sign on.

Step 3: Signing on

If you’re committed and decided to work with us, there are three ways to pay, choose the one that’s right for you:

  1. Pay in full - If you decide to pay in full, you will receive a 10% discount.

  2. Make a deposit - Timber will only be signing on a limited number of new clients for the year. To secure your spot, pay 50% upfront and pay the rest when you receive your return.

  3. Monthly Installments - If you cannot make a full payment or the 50% at this time, make a month to month installment plan (over 12 months) for an additional 10% of your quote.

Step 4: Filing time

Starting in the new year, pieces of mail and tax related forms will begin trickling in. By now, you will have a client portal where you can manage all your tax related documents. Simply take a photo or scan the document to be uploaded into your account. We will provide you with a checklist for all the documents, forms, and outstanding information you will need to complete your return. Leave the rest up to us. 

Step 5: Review your return

You will have access to a “draft” copy of your return in your account. Review your return for any changes and schedule a call with us. We will discuss any changes, concerns, or next steps for finalizing your return.

Step 6: E-filing your return

Time to file your return. You will receive a message from us to electronically sign your Federal and/or State return(s). It will be clear as day and clearly indicated where you will need to e-sign. Once completed, just wait for your refund to be deposited into your bank or pay your balance(s) due!

Step 7: Are we done?

Your return preparation for the tax year will be complete, and if you have any questions for tax planning purposes, we are a few clicks and one call away.

Estimated Taxes

If you purchased actual quarterly estimates with your tax package, you will hear from us with recommended minimum payments prior to the following estimated due dates of April 17, June 15, September 15, and January 15, 2018.