Why My Dad Went Bankrupt

My dad has owned his own trucking company for over 15 years. He had another trucking company before, when I was just a kid, that ended in bankruptcy. It was always a major source of stress between my parents, who ultimately ended up divorced. It’s heart wrenching to remember to hearing them have the same kinds of conversations when I was younger that I hear now from so many small business owners; conversations about choosing between making minimum payments on credit cards or investing in a business that may not succeed.

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The Last of Your 2017 Quarterly ES Payments.

Taxes are often the biggest cash outflow each year personally and for a business.

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Why You Shouldn’t Form an LLC (And Why You Should)

Congratulations, you’ve started your own business! No more bosses telling you when to show up. Maybe you’ve been operating as a sole proprietor, but you hear about all these tax savings if you set up some sort of an entity for tax purposes. Between corporations, LLC’s, partnerships, and S-Corps, where do you start?  

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Luke Frye