Freelancers Tax Course

Self-Paced Video-Course

Deduct More and Save Time. 

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    The essential information that photographers, bloggers, videographers, writers, and other freelancers need to keep your accounting organized, save you time, and save your money. 

    Throughout the course, you'll learn exactly what you need to know (and none of what you don't) about:

    >> How to set up your banking
    >> How to choose and set up your bookkeeping
    >> How and where to save your documents
    >> What you need to maximize your most common deductions
    >> What you can’t deduct anymore
    >> Whether you’ll save money by setting up an LLC
    >> How to pay quarterly estimates
    >> When you need to file and pay taxes
    >> What taxes you need to consider


    Once you complete this course, you'll have the essential systems in place to ensure you're on top of your taxes each year, and enable you to make informed business decisions each month. No more stress. No more worrying.

    Gaining control of your bookkeeping and taxes doesn't have to be hard.

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      Your Instructor


      Luke completed a BS in Accountancy, is a licensed CPA in Washington State. His accounting experience began spanning governmental, audit, small business operations and management, as well as taxation of individuals and entities. Always looking for ways to save clients time and money, Luke is ready to help ensure your tax time is as seamless and smooth as possible. He was the first full time accountant hired at and was charged with helping to grow and scale a team of bookkeepers for small businesses all over the US. His experience in systems optimization and remote work with a digital client experience have enabled him to connect and help clients wherever they are.

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